Healthy Meals From Food For Thought

As a Mom of two elementary age kids, Kemp and Ella, Anja Stief began a determined effort to provide quality school lunches for not just her kids, but for others as well. Anja grew up in Germany where fresh organic produce was locally grown and good nutrition was the norm. Anja realizes that good eating habits are established early in life and will provide a foundation for a lifetime of good choices.

Anja is the longtime owner and operator of Dish & Design Catering and Events, based in Mount Pleasant, SC. Her extensive catering experience and personal culinary expertise helped feed the concept of Food for Thought. After consulting with others who shared her vision and had successfully implemented similar programs in their communities, Anja got to work. The combination of her roles as mother and culinary professional was the perfect mix to bring Food For Thought to life.

Having packed lunches for her kids daily, Anja understands the time and effort it takes to provide quality meals at an affordable cost. At Food for Thought our goal is to make it an effortless process that guarantees quality every time.

The Food for Thought team is community driven and socially conscious. Anja has always realized the importance of giving back to those who have supported her in the past. Food for Thought believes in giving back to the schools it serves.

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