Our Partnering Organizations

We are proud to serve the Food For Thought services with a growing number of organizations around the greater Charleston area.

Our LUNCH program can be found in the following schools and camps:



  • Or, for pick up at Food For Thought offices in Mount Pleasant  (contact us for info)

And, Food For Thought is proud to also offer catering for your private parties. The following venues now offer Food For Thought as a food option in your party planning:



We are always open to adding to these lists. If you would like to see Food For Thought offerings made available to your child's school, camp or program, please drop us an email and include any contact information for that organization/venue. We would be happy to connect with them and see if they are interested in partnering with Food for Thought.

Similarly - If you are a school,camp or other program that wish to learn more about how Food For Thought could provide meal and/or snack options for your families, we would love to speak with you!  Please email to the address below or call us..

In good health,
The Food For Thought Team