Introducing Food For Thought FAMILY MEALS and NEXT LEVEL FIT Dinners

Welcome to Food For Thought's newest offerings:
- FAMILY MEALS: prepared meals for busy Charleston area families on the GO!
- NEXT LEVEL FIT Dinners: Specialized recipe meals designed to be clean & lean for those on (or striving to be on!) a fitness regime. Devised in partnership with Next Level Fitness Charleston

Just as with our school & camp lunches, these prepared meals are offered through the established organizations who have selected Food For Thought & agreed to be a delivery site. (For a list of those organizations, see the list of Family Meal Programs here.) 


  • Please place your order two days in advance. 
  • After placing your order online, you will receive emails confirming the meal and payment processed
  • Should you need to cancel an order, please do so online before 12pm the day prior.

These meals may be picked up either at your Next Level Fitness Training location OR from our Mount Pleasant office (629 Johnnie Dodds Blvd, Suite 5.) 
Orders must be placed via our website by 12pm on the Friday prior to your Monday order date.
To learn more about these meals, recipes and our partnership, please explore our website and that of Next Level Fitness.


Both the Family Meals and NEXT LEVEL FIT Dinners come in conveniently packaged containers, ready for reheating by microwave or transfering to your own home serving wares. You're welcome to enjoy the same night you receive it and/or to portion out & consume throughout the week. The menu offerings are designed to offer well-rounded meals, and the service is designed to be a delicious & convenient solution for your busy life.

To get started,
1) create an account , and set up a "Student" profile for yourself/family.
If you're an existing Food For Thought customer, simply log in & select the profile you'd like to order for. (If you've only ordered school or camp lunches from us before, then create a family/dinner profile for which you'll order these meals.)

2) Create meals, selecting from the A La Carte column (see right side of the menu, and scroll down to the very bottom.)


We look forward to serving you and hearing from you, too.

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